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Urbanipera is a successful European construction group found in 1989. And unites operating companies in two home markets with the administrative centre in the Algarve Portugal.
Urbanipera is active in the construction sector, touristic development, Industrial and commercial, civil engineering, property and public private partnerships in Portugal and Brazil.

The Group ranks among the largest companies in Portugal. In 2009 Urbanipera has been awarded the top PME in construction by the magazine “Exame” one of the most reputable award in the country. Our group offers its clients various substantial packages of products and services in the home markets. The Group undertakes specialist construction and civil engineering projects in niche markets worldwide.

Urbanipera philosophy is to offer real value to its clients and work with them in close and lasting co-operation that provides outstanding performance in relation to the maintenance, innovation and expansion of built-up environments.

Urbanipera is recognized and acknowledged for the quality and reliability of its products and services as well as for the commitment, knowledge and experience of its employees.

Urbanipera Grupo